About Us

Fundación UOCRA for building workers´ education is an NGO that belongs to UOCRA Social Network.  For more than 15 years, we have developed different activities with the purpose of promoting and providing an updated education of excellence that improves building workers' life quality.

 The values of quality, integration, and solidarity guide our work towards human development through labour insertion.

With the mission of providing building workers with the knowledge and skills required by the sector in a context of permanent technological modernization, Fundación UOCRA develops different training, counseling, and research lines and also makes the pedagogic contents of the training it provides. 

In the current framework of the building industry expansion shown in the country, we undertake our actions together with governmental bodies, companies, and NGOs that share the vision that investments in education turn out to be essential for the growth in employment, productivity, and labour conditions improvements.

Fundación UOCRA is a non-profit organization whose activities are supported through funds coming from donations and subsidies given by diverse public and private institutions.



Gerardo Martínez

Steering Committee
Alejandro Pettenazza
Marta Pujadas
Jorge Pellegrini

Executive Director
Gustavo Gándara

Sub-Executive Director
Alejandro Waisglas



Azopardo 954   |   Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires [C1107ADP]   |   Tels: 4343-5629/6803   |   Fax: 4343-5383   |   informesfundacion@uocra.org