Mission, Vision, Values


Our vision is to become an Institution which positioning places it as a referent of excellence in Latin America, for the Building Industry field, in those problematical subjects related to education-work.


The Foundation contributes to personal, professional, and cultural growth of Building Workers and their families, to the improvement of their life quality, safety and working environment, in the framework of the sector productive relations. 

It promotes ethical values, healthy coexistence criteria, and improvements in working performance as essential issues in every Fundación UOCRA activity and conveys them to all the addressees of our actions, increasingly trying to humanize labour world.  Thus, our Strategies, the Human Resources integrating the Organizational Structure, the orientation of Systems Development, and Style will sustain and serve our Institutional Culture.  

It establishes solid tactic and strategic Alliances and other kind of relational networks, with all the social actors directly or indirectly related to our activities, always with the aim of promoting the most appropriate structure and formalization of all our developments.

It tries to get a permanent national and international validation of the competences acquired by Building Workers throughout their professional life, thus increasing their employability.

We favour the constant growth of our knowledge, abilities, and competences to properly place ourselves in the position of those requiring our services, understanding their needs and offering them effective solutions tailored to their requirements.


Promote that Policies and Strategies are always explicit.

Promote Management by Competences in the development of our activities.

Make, promote, and support studies and researches in the field of education-work relation. 

Promote cooperation, trust, solidarity, teamwork, participation, continuous improvement procedures of processes and services quality, transparency in management and interactions, and leadership based on shared values.  

Promote all activities tending to our intellectual capital growth to improve institutional management and, therefore, the service to our addressees. 

Promote self-evaluation processes like tools of institutional, group, and personal growth, using appropriately indicators and ratios.

Education | Work Paradigm

Activities developed by Fundación UOCRA are ruled by the principles of Education | Work Paradigm, considering the following issues:

  • Changes in the new social economic scenario
  • Change of the technical-productive paradigm
  • Cognitive society or knowledge society
  • Education for work as a lifelong learning
  • Integral training as first objective
  • Social dialogue framed in Education | Work
  • Provide articulated training and certification offerings to enable people's personal and professional growth
  • Offer alternatives of efficient and fast service to populations with greater needs
  • Develop an option of professional training in the framework of adult education
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