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Television fundamentals

There are three purposes, at least, to be fulfilled by television, which are studied in every communications manual: to inform, to educate, and to entertain.

At a glance, it is clear that the last purpose is the one that has been more widely developed, to the detriment of the two other constituent aspects. Also information has been transformed into a strong power tool, even more nowadays, when mass media are often a small part of great multinational corporations.

Education is the less tackled fundamental pillar in massive television watched currently, including in this item, culture as a framework for men future and their development in society.

Nowadays, a new way of thinking about media is prevailing because audiences have changed. The idea of passive individuals facing the television no longer exists as such and has given way to a new paradigm that prevails in spite of resistances.

Construir TV, a new channel

From its origins, CONSTRUIR proposes a different scenario from where to create a proposal. This is about a totally unusual and innovative television channel that aims to answer man's needs and concerns as an individual of labour and culture creation.

Labour world is often reduced to the cold numbers that appear in statistics. Aside from that, workers’ life as such, their achievements, their desires, their histories, their concerns, their realities, their cultural creations, and even their family lives are not much reflected in the mass media.

Therefore, CONSTRUIR intends to position itself as a federal channel that prioritizes those contents showing the true society, with an active participation of all its actors through dynamic proposals comprehending subjects like arts, culture, history, education, daily life, sports, labour world, news, and many other areas.

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