Construir TV

Construir TV, a new channel

Construir TVFrom its origins, Construir TV burst in as a different audiovisual proposal. This is about a totally innovative television channel that aims to answer man's needs and concerns as an individual of work and culture creation. It is a new tool that enables to provide all workers and society in general with plurality of contents, equity in content production, and a greater access to information.

Construir TV is a channel developed by Fundación UOCRA for Building Workers' Education and, currently, it is part of Argentine Digital Television. It is addressed to male and female workers, their families and industry as a whole, because it is proposed as an integration space among labor world, its people and community.

Labor world is often reduced to the cold numbers that appear in statistics. Aside from that, workers’ life as such, their achievements, desires, histories, concerns, realities, cultural creations; and even their family lives are not much represented in mass media. With an own produced programming, Construir TV provides plural information and approaches those issues experienced by workers and their family members.

Law 26.522 of Audiovisual Communication Services establishes, in its Article 3, clauses f) and i), those objectives resulting essential to describe the spirit with which Fundación UOCRA develops Construir TV, as the promotion of "the expression of popular culture and population's cultural, educational and social development," and the participation of "mass media in the role of shaper of subjects, of social actors and of different ways of life and world understanding, with plurality of viewpoints and full discussion of ideas."


Construir TV is distributed through:

  • Channel 25.05 of Argentine Digital Television integrating the National Platform of channels with free distribution throughout the country.  
  • Open TV channel 4 in Buenos Aires City and in some of the main cable operators of Argentina.
  • Channel 520 of Telecentro Digital.
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